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Swimming is a hotspot in many places. Our Smart Swim solution can address a great demand by the swimmers’ community: Safety. There are many accidents happening in the swimming pools. According to the Leisure and Cultural Service Department (LCSD), there are 328 accidents and 2 drowning deaths in 2018. Our Smart Swim – drowning detection system is being demanded by the market.
Although there are a few solutions for drowning detection exist in the market. However, the solution was developed based on an outdated software, databases and data analysis model. The system can only be used for drown detection as a safety facility only. Moreover the cost is very expensive. It costs around HK$1 million to 2 million for a standard swimming pool installation. We target to develop a more powerful and faster solution at a lower cost so as to make this solution more affordable and could be commonly implemented in the school community.
This solution was one of the deliverables from the ITF Better Living Fund project and the prototype was successfully installed in Munsang College in Sept 2020. It is now getting into the commercialization stage and targets to be deployed in more schools and promoted to the LCSD public pool in the coming year.

Demonstration on Pose Estimation
Underwater with LSTM Action Prediction

Drown Detection Using Computer Vision

Our company focuses on developing technologies related to AI and computer vision. Our three core technologies include object detection, pose estimation and human activity recognition. Previously we have been using our technologies in an AI server, which includes a lot of GPU. However, It is inconvenient for the users to use our technologies in mobile or embedded devices. Actually we have been doing research and development on sliming our model, which we have put our model in mobile phone like IOS and Android device.

A mundane climbing wall can be transformed using artificial intelligence into a funny, interesting and educational school
facility. First, install a video camera behind the climbing wall, the image of the wall is connected to the server, and artificial intelligence is used to analyze the students’ actions, outline the skeleton, and draw a matchstick person. 

The AI Rock Climbing System has several special features, including
1. Video and analysis of rock climbing performance
2. math game
3. language game
4. English spelling game

1. Video and analysis of rock climbing performance

  • The system can record the process of students shooting, and then the coach can choose. If you choose to replay the videos of different students in different time periods, you can use the mirror, slow mirror and fixed mirror help analysis, you can add three dots, to find out the angle between the hands and feet of the body, which is helpful for analyzing sports performance.

2. Maths game

  • Each stone is numbered with a number. The teacher can choose the game of “Climbing the Prime Number Stones for Bonus Points”. To get extra points, you can also choose multiples of numbers, such as multiples of 7, then students have to climb the numbers 7, 28, 47, 56… No points will be added for stones that climb other numbers.

3. Language game

  • Teachers can also add Chinese vocabulary to the stones, and then they can choose the game “Climbing Adjective Rocks for Bonus Points”. Students have to climb the rocks with adjectives written on them, such as “honest” and “optimistic”, and they can get extra points. If you climb the rocks of other words, such as “kick” and “pick up”, these are all verbs, so there is no extra point.

4. Spelling game

  • You can also paste the English letters ABCD…..XYZ on the stones, and then ask the students to string out an English word, such as “sports” in English, then the students’ task is to climb the five stones SP0RT, they can Complete tasks to score points.This system has a sound effect. When students touch the correct rock, there will be a crisp sound to encourage them. Students can also add fun during rock climbing, while exercising and learning at the same time.