About Our Company

Hong Kong Univisual Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. is an artificial intelligence startup founded by the HKU EEE graduates team. The company focuses on the development for intelligent platforms using computer vision and deep learning. This start-up awarded the Cyberport Creative Micro Fund as the seed fund to kick start the business and deploy the HKU-made technology on AI human posture analysis which was developed by a ITF Better Living Fund. The technology has been deployed in Drowning Detection System (the ITF project SmartSwim), Golf and Yoga Training (the Robocoach project that was awarded the Best Creative Idea Project in the Singapore Young Talent Award). According to market demand, our company focuses on three systems: Yoga app, Smart Swim and Sport analysis app. With the development of deep learning, computer vision has grown rapidly, and adapted into different kinds of applications. As for our company, we aim at developing the products using computer vision in real life, like sports, health, education and security. In 2020, we were awarded TSSSU and became one of the incubate in iAxon.


The project advisor Dr Fok is the Assistant Dean (External Relations and Knowledge Exchange) of the Faculty of Engineering. He is also the Director of the Sport AI Laboratory newly set up under the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Dr. Fok is experienced in coaching students and graduates in running entrepreneurial business and competitions. He has been the mentor of a few teams of student for the application of the Cyberport Creative Micro Fund. He is also a HKU EEE graduate in 1993, with two master degrees in MSc Industrial Engineering and M.Sc. Environment Management earned in HKU in 1996 and 1999 respectively. He also obtained a MBA degree from the University of Cambridge in 1998 which equip him with good foundation of business and commercial knowledge. In 2007, he attained his PhD degree from the Renmin University of China which equip him good knowledge of running business in China. 

Dr. Fok has solid experience in managing large scale projects. He is also the PI of an e-textbook development project with a total matching funding from the Education Bureau of HK$9.6 million. Besides, Dr. Fok and his team had successfully completed 5 e-learning related projects inside HKU and in reconstructed schools in Sichuan. The success of these project earned Dr. Fok and his team the Knowledge Exchange Award in 2014 and several Hong Kong ICT Awards since 2011. 

One of this project with IPR assigned to Versitech had been recently sold to a private education Group Hailiang Education, listed in NASDAQ and contributed a few millions to the Versitech.

In recent years, Dr. Fok extended his research area into AI for sports and awarded a $3.9 million ITF Better Living Project from Innovation Technology Commission. This technology also spin-off this new start up and venture the emerging opportunity in AI for sport and human posture analysis application.

The Advisor had a successful track record of the commercialization of HKU technology iClass in the past few years. We want to breed more successful cases and help more young, energetic and smart HKU graduates from different faculties to succeed in their path of entrepreneurship. We are confident that with the successful experience of the Project Leaders, we can lead other new members in this new startup team to create another proud successful case for the HKU.

Louis is a B.Eng graduate of Dept. of Electronic and Electrical Engineering of the University of Hong Kong in 2018 and an undergraduate of MSc Information Technology in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University since 2020. He has experience in deploying artificial intelligence models into embedded systems and smartphones and publishing papers in conferences such as the International Conference on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. He has also won the Best Creative Idea Award of the Youth Innovation Awards in Singapore with his team and got the Cyberport Creative Micro Fund  with the same project.

Miss Carol is a MSc graduate in Dept. of Electronic and Electrical Engineering in 2019 with Graduation with Distinction. She devoted herself to learning about artificial intelligence technology, which made her have a strong ability to apply related AI technology into applications. In her past seven years of study, she was awarded National Student Scholarships and Outstanding Student Scholarships every year. Her final year project in HKU won “the Best Creative Award” in the University Innovation Competition held by the Singapore government.  In 2018, she led the team to apply for the Cyberport Creative Micro Fund and successfully won HK$100k start up fund and started this company. She also was awarded the National Challenge Cup and the Internet Plus Award held in Beijing and Hangzhou respectively. Now she is dedicated to the development of the company, and she is committed to applying the company's technology to society and benefiting the public.

Mr. Zhang is a MSc graduate in Dept. of Electronic and Electrical Engineering in 2019 with Graduation with Distinction. He always ranked top in the academic performance. When he was studying in Jinan University for his bachelor's degree, he won the Outstanding Student Scholarships every academic year. Mr. Zhang was devoted to his academic study, enabling him to be proficient in AI knowledge, winning not only the distinction graduation honor, but also the scholarship of each semester. He also turned his MSc project into and the project “Robocoach” won several prizes in HK, in the mainland and overseas.  Mr Zhang has served in TENCENT computer system Co.Ltd and Guangzhou VK Robot Co.Ltd, which give him more knowledge about the industrial development of robotics and the advanced artificial intelligent technology. Now, he has given up the opportunity of working in Tencent and is fully devoted in the development of this promising technology and market.