MSc EEE graduates Carol Chen, Daniel Zhang and Electrical Engineering (graduate) Louis Chan turned their graduation projects to a start-up in iAxon.


iAXON is a new initiative supported by HK Science and Technology Park and HKU to further strengthen the entrepreneurial eco-system in HKU; and to extend the HKSTP Incubation Programmes to Deep Technology Startup companies formed by students, faculty members, staff and alumni using technologies of HKU.


“I’m glad that my MSc dissertation not only earned me a degree, it also earned me a career and entrepreneurship opportunities” Daniel Zhang. “The inspiring environment in HKU and the unfailing supports from the EEE teachers is the key of our success.” Carol Chen.


The team licensed the AI technology for image and video classification and human posture analysis from HKU Versitech. The applications include education, sport, security and health. The team also awarded the TSSSU@HKU (Technology Startup Support Scheme for Universities at HKU) and HKU Versitech is one of the shareholders of this spin-off.


“This is a good example that our students could turn their graduate projects into a technological start-up and contribute their knowledge to the society practice.” Dr. Wilton Fok

From left: Carol Chen, Daniel Zhang, Louis Chan and their project supervisor Dr. Wilton Fok
Team meeting in the inspring environment in iAxon